Native American English Expertise

Born and raised in Middle America, my professional experience is largely based in technology and training. Over the course of nearly 20 years, I trained professionals at all levels of an international organization based there. 


In 2018 I decided to take my training expertise to the next level and moved to Central America to teach English as a Second Language in Colombia, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico.

As I taught, I learned.  

I noticed how and why my students and I (I’m always improving my Spanish) learned best . 

I noticed that including some practice that’s enjoyable kept people engaged and motived!  In Mexico, where I’ve been for nine months, I’ve been practicing Spanish doing things I love – embroidery, music, food and exercise! I thought it would be great it could be to share this method with language learners.


The method is called Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and has been shown to provide more immediate results than traditional methods, nurture self confidence, be highly effective (it’s even required in Italy), and is known to naturally builds courage (according to this study at Semantics Scholar), not to mention, it feels like a great way to spend time! 

A native and neutral accent seemed absolutely essential to learning well. Sound is everything. My neutral accent should be one of the easiest for my students to understand. 

An experienced trainer, competent in listening, organizing training material and teaches based on principles,  proves to provide a highly  beneficial experience to the students. My intent is to be that trainer for you. 


  • Taught English as a Second Language in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and online, worldwide (3 years)
  • Developed content for and led sessions for groups for an online ESL platform (6 months)
  • Organize and lead special language (online) events for Duolingo 
  • Organize a weekly language  exchange for Spanish/English speakers during co-vid (8 months)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate 150 hour program with highest grade possible
  • Developed technical training for support staff as well as high level executives for a major US corporation for 18 years
  • Completed Google’s Search Inside Yourself mindfulness training for employee happiness (and emotional intelligence)
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing 
  • B.A. in Communication and Marketing
  • Developed this website (and others before it)