Session Information


Conversation sessions are perfect if you’d like to practice talking like you would naturally, in your everyday life. Sometimes conversations can be especially helpful in identifying areas needing improvement. 


For practicing the vocabulary and the thinking on your feet skills you’ll need in every day life, conversation sessions are very beneficial, especially with a native speaker. We can talk about whatever you like or whatever comes up.  


Your pronunciation is THE factor that determines if you are understood or not. 


Choose these sessions to be guided by a highly trained native speaker with a neutral accent.


Because English is not a phonetic language, learning pronunciation should be an integral part of your language learning process as early in the process as possible. 

Playing with Words

Innovative activities will activate your brain in different ways while learning and practicing English. 


These sessions provide students the same or more benefit as well as develop more confidence and mental resilience.


Non traditional methods are used to provide the most benefit. 

Studying Songs & Music

What do you love about music? What interests you? We can use it as a tool to develop your vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills. 


We can talk about musical instruments, your favorite bands and what you like about them, learn and talk about lyrics (this is a great way to practice pronunciation), or learn about historically significant American songs, and more.  The possibilities are endless. What are your ideas? 

Wellbeing & Wellness

Have you tried, or are interested in trying, a new health and wellness practice? 


Building your conversation practice in this area could have long term benefits, even beyond your second language. 


I’m a long time meditator, exerciser and am currently pursuing certification in Pilates. I’ve trained with Google’s Search Inside Yourself Mindful program and have some activities from that program we can use, as we build your ESL skill set. 

Test Preparation

There’s so much to do to prepare for your IELTS, TOEFL or SAT. What would help you most? After a short conversation with you I can help you select an area to focus on for improvement. 


I have a number of tools we can use,  we can review your material, or we can of course practice reading comprehension and comprehensive answers.